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If you are interested in discussing invention strategy, feel free to grab some time from my calendar. There is no cost, no commitment, no confidential exchange of information - just an opportunity to share ideas and experiences and see if there might be an opportunity to collaborate going forward.

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Why is this call valuable?

For you: I can help you shift your focus from the tactical details (e.g., what is a claim, do I need formal drawings, what is a provisional patent application) to strategy (e.g., who might be able to license this patent, what validation will that potential licensee need to get interested in acquiring patent rights, what can be done to start conversations with potential licensees early).

For me: despite having invested a majority of my life in the invention space, I am still learning. I learn from (and get energized by) smart inventors who are developing clever solutions to complex problems. I hope to find inventors that I will collaborate with, potentially invest in, and hopefully do a little to accelerate some great inventions into the marketplace.