How I Can Help

I can help accelerate your new product development and commercialization in any of the following ways. My eventual goal is to treat my contributions as investments, and get paid for those investments in the form of royalties (royalties best align the operators and their investors). For now, I am just building my network and donating my time to help others get started on their invention journey. Grab some time from my calendar if you want to discuss any of the topics below.

Invention Licensing

Invention licensing is the most reliable way to commercialize your invention. In exchange for up-front and/or future payments, you license your invention to a company that is in a better position to commercialize your invention than you are. Fees for invention licensing are covered as a percentage of the invention licensing fees, meaning no up front fees for the inventor.

Royalty Funding

Royalty funding allows you to fund your invention with royalties, or a percentage of future revenue. Royalty funding aligns investors and inventors: as revenues are earned, an agreed upon percentage of revenues are is allocated to investors. Unlike a conventional loan, if it takes longer than planned for the invention to generate revenue, the royalty payments are delayed. If sufficient revenue is not earned from the invention, then no royalty payments are due. Because there is a possibility that royalty payments may be delayed (or never materialize), there is a risk to the investor. To compensate for this risk, royalty funding payouts will likely target a higher return (aka - be more expensive to the inventor) than a conventional loan. If you are 100% confident in your invention, you should self-fund your invention or take a conventional loan. If you would like to share some of the risk and some of the reward, you should consider royalty funding.


Co-inventing is an inventor-for-hire capability. If you have an idea but lack the technical expertise to fully land the invention, whether for commercial validation or for filing a patent application, you can hire a co-inventor. Fees can be covered through royalty funding, so there is strong alignment between the co-inventor and the inventor (no payments are made unless and until the invention generates revenue).

Patent Preparation

If you are ready to file a patent application (e.g., you have an invention technical concept + an invention commercialization plan), I can work with you to set up your patent preparation and filing plan. Although I will not file your patent application for you, I can set you up for greater success whether you work with another patent attorney or you end up filing your patent application(s) on your own.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, grab 30-minutes from my calendar at so we can get started.