Feedback Requested for SparkContract

SparkContract is a contract management service built with a focus on creating and signing contracts from your mobile phone.

For startup founders and independent inventors, contracts can be expensive and slow. SparkContract is designed to make routine contracts simple to create, sign, and manage-as easily from a mobile phone as a laptop.

Matt Dyor Matt Dyor
  1. Check out
  2. create account and sign in with your LinkedIn or GitHub account
  3. try creating a test contract from one of the samples I have provided (MNDA and loan agreement)
  4. let me know what you think!

The application is built using:

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • Prisma
  • PostgreSQL
  • Next Auth
  • Formik and Yup (lightly - the forms are so custom that I don't think these help much)